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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pearly Penile Papules Removal/Sexual Medicine

Point G I viol per oval has eight millimeters, says U.S. Surgeon
Perhaps after 60 years, finally ending stage quite thrilling quest for the mysterious G spot inside the vagina

Older women's autopsy showed the existence of a U.S. Surgeon him in his study described as saccade shape with dimensions of 8 x 4 mm Visit Link :
The mysterious item found passions U.S. Surgeon Adam Sot Rzewski (illustrative photo)| photo Point mysterious passions described in his study American surgeon Adam Sort Zen ski of Gina ecology Institute in Florida.
He viol per oval him at the inner wall of the vagina autopsy trios decathlete deceased wife and his discovery described in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

He said that the department was "well-defined saccade structure" on the wall of the pelvic floor. Located under it in the back of the perinea membrane (muscle connective septum between the vagina and the anus), and 16.5 millimeters from the top of the mouth of the urethra.

 Point G was 8.1 millimeters long, wide from 3.6 to 1.5 millimeters and 0.4 millimeters high, stated Chief Adam Rostra Enzi this project.

Pearly Penile Papules Home Treatment "This study confirms the existence of an anatomical point G, which can lead to a better understanding and improvement of female sexual function," says Oyster senesce.

OG point or point Griffin Berge wrote the first German gynecologist Ernst Graz fencer in 1950. He said if a body causing severe orgasms in women alone appeared.

 But the theory of the miraculous point, all scientists agree, many sexologists and therapists deny its existence, others build on it as the basis for female sexual satisfaction.

Other scientists dispute the mysterious point
Scientists from Yale University in Connecticut, led by Professor Armchair Kill cheesy claim that G spot obviously does not exist Pearly Penile Review???

Claims based on a review of more than hundreds of medical studies in the last sixty years. Results supposedly speaks against the concept of G-spot, therefore it is not possible to scientifically assert that it exists. He was not any method to reliably then described.

"An objective measure failed and did not provide strong and consistent evidence for the existence of anatomical structures that could be considered a G spot. Plenty of women felt at a loss when it failed to find, and perceive it as their mistake. Reality is that it is probably not something - historical or evolutionary - that should not exist, "says Kiln husky.

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